Working as a high-rise window washer is not only exciting …

It offers a dramatic view of the city

The pay for this job rates higher than that of many other types of jobs, due to the escalated demand for window cleaning on skyscraper buildings as well as the hazards of the position. It’s necessary that the worker be trained in how to use high rise cleaning tech equipment, as well as educated in multiple safety practices.


high rise window washer and cleaner


Look for advertisements that local window cleaners and companies that post in city plazas in your area, as well as in the local phone book, and on the internet. Some window washer jobs may also be posted directly on the websites owned by the companies that own the buildings.

Contact a commercial window washing company that serves your city to apply for jobs.

Also, ask about paid training for the window washer jobs that specifically use specialized equipment.

If you’re unable to find an employer to pay for your training, consider taking the high rise window washer safety training at your own expense.

Then apply again with the same companies that denied you originally for lack of training.

Be prepared to work crazy hours, as you’ll likely only be able to work when the weather permits. The work may begin early in the morning immediately after sunrise. The workers hang from scaffolds or swinging chairs, as well as climbing through windows with cleaning solutions, cleaning cloths, and squeegees to clean outer surfaces of windows. Crews of window washers may use days when there is bad weather to take care of maintenance and inspections on their belts, swing rope chairs, and scaffolds. There are also cleaning companies that do indoor glass cleaning, mirror cleaning, and janitorial services they provide for their customers at abnormal, when offices are closed for the evening.

Window washers pay goes up with experience, so it makes sense to accept whatever starting pay is offered,

especially if you will be being trained the the employer themselves.

Window washers typically earn between $18 and $30 each hour, with the average salary for the job set at 40,000 per year. Once you’ve built up some experience, you may be able to get a raise from your current employer, or you can often move on to a new position with a higher salary.

Keep applying for high rise window cleaning jobs until you’re eventually hired. In many cases, the employer may choose to hire you just because of your high ambition level.

Once you get the job, be sure to perform well as an employee, arrive early, and follow all directions you are given so that you can keep the job that you’ve tried to hard to obtain.

Every business owner knows the struggle with starting a successful business. The time, the cost, and the effort is all overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. There is an illusion that is poisonous to the growth of companies world-wide.

This is the illusion of you going at it completely alone.


The Growth of a Successful Business

Let’s talk about why this isn’t the case. Think about Apple, such a large and very successful corporation. They are so widely known as one of the most successful companies to ever be created. Now, we all know who Steve Jobs is as the founder of the company. What a lot of people tend to oversee, is the fact that he did not go at it alone. He actually developed a team of people to assist him with the success of the business. Among this team were technicians, financial advisors, marketing advisors, and last but not least, business coaches. Without this team, Apple wouldn’t be what it is today. And at the core of the success of any business, is how you choose the people you surround yourself with. A business coach is the absolute core for any company. The reason for this is because a business coach is the one person that will tell you what you’re missing. So if you’re lacking some solid marketing to be done, the coach will let you know. This is so over-seen nowadays and many businesses are failing because of it.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

All of us business owners get so caught up in the immediate operations of running a company that we forget to look at the overall picture. Although, many of us know for a fact that this is not good. The overall picture must always be in consideration when making business decisions. While you’re starting a company, it is absolutely vital that either you have someone doing the immediate operations and you are looking at the overall picture, or vice versa. Usually business owners take great pride in the work they do; and because of this, they get caught up in the workflow, and the bigger picture slowly diminishes from their mind. This is where you can hire a business coach. They will keep an eye on this for you, and make sure the success of your business is paramount.

The problem with going this route is the fact that there are a ton of people out there saying they are the “best business coaches in the world!”. You need to know which one is the right one to choose. Now when it comes to this, going online and looking at reviews of coaches in your area is a start. Although, the best way to get the right guy on your team is to go out and ask successful business owners. Start with friends and family, if they have a successful business it is obvious they have a good coach on their side. This is the key to success with running a business in general.

Get out There and Look for a Business Coach

It always pays off at the end to go through the time and effort necessary to finding a good coach. This is because after you find a great coach, they will help you find great team members from then onward. We can always try to go out and do this ourselves; but like I said, it takes time and effort. You sacrificing your time from regular day-to-day business activities can cripple you in areas that weren’t foreseeable when you made the decision. So go out and network, schedule meetings with successful business owners and ask them for some advice. Odds are that they already know of a great business coach that can help you out.



I understand that you may think right now that your business is fine, and you’re on your way to great success. And this may be true, but if for any reason at all, your eyes aren’t looking in every direction at all times, you may hit a few stumps on the way. Most of the time, these stumps are avoidable. A coach can be a great asset for you to have on-board with your team. They will ensure the success of your business decisions and they will avoid these stumps that can come along the way. Coaches are vital to have on the team of every business that wants to be successful. They look at the overall bigger picture for you, so you can stay focused on running the business.